The truth about the top 5 complaints in today's world - Complaint #4

Editorial 1st of July Opinion
A consumer or customer complaint is "an expression of dissatisfaction to a responsible party". It can also be described in a positive sense as a report from a consumer providing documentation about a problem with a product or service

In general, it seems easier to be negative. It is easier to joke about terrible things than nice things. For some reason, it seems easier for us to be negative than admiting that the world is not going that bad. But as much as we love to be negative sometimes, we will introduce you some facts about the top 5 complaints in the today's world. This article is about the fourth top complaint.

  • #4 complaint in the world:

    "Everything is getting very expensive"
    . To analyse this, you need to put it into a "costing of living context". You can use a costing of living calculator or formula like the one that the government uses for calculating tax rates. If you do so, you will see that the prices of most things have stayed pretty much constant over the years.

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