The truth about the top 5 complaints in today's world - Complaint #2

Editorial 1st of May Opinion
A consumer or customer complaint is "an expression of dissatisfaction to a responsible party". It can also be described in a positive sense as a report from a consumer providing documentation about a problem with a product or service

In general, it seems easier to be negative. It is easier to joke about terrible things than nice things. For some reason, it seems easier for us to be negative than admiting that the world is not going that bad. But as much as we love to be negative sometimes, we will introduce you some facts about the top 5 complaints in the today's world. This article is about the second top complaint.

  • #2 complaint in the world: "People are getting more stupid". Some scientists have recently shown that the number of neurons could have been decreasing over the past decades. This could be due to modern life styles where things are getting easier for us (think of a calculator, computer or smart phone) and it seems that we do not need to use our brain anymore, which might affect the number of active neurons. However, this theory has not been totally supported. Even if this was the case, other scientists claim that neurons have the capacity to connect with other neurons. Reading, video gaming and other social capacities might actually play a role in neuron plasticity and connectivity. This neuronal capacity could be the reason why humans are getting more intelligent. This will explain why in fact, IQ scores have risen 24 points since 1914. But IQ scores are compensated for increased education so the intelligence quotient is set up to an average score of 100. So, what do we do if people are getting higher scores? Then the scores are recalculated so that it goes back down to 100. So, while IQ scores appear to be similar from generation to generation, the reality is that the scores have to be constantly adjusted back down to 100 because our children are doing better and better on the test.

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